Upfront Underwriting

When we collect a completed application, our underwriters immediately make a decision. Shop for a home with the confidence of an Approval based on an underwrite, not just income and scores.

7-Day Processing

Once the file enters the processing department, teams are structured toward a goal: complete it in 1 week. Why should you wait weeks?

Less-Stress Closing

Because we underwrite upfront and set 7-day processing goals, we do our best to finish the checklist by getting each file ready to close in 1 business day.

10 Do's & don'ts

  1. Don't apply for new credit.
  2. Keep existing credit cards open.
  3. Don't max out credit cards.
  4. Don't quit your job.
  5. Don't consolidate debt.
  6. Pay off collections, judgments & liens that are < 1 yr old.
  7. Don't make large purchases.
  8. Stay current on all credit.
  9. Don't make large deposits.
  10. Call us! We're here to help!



  1. Most recent 2 years tax returns.
  2. W2s and/or 1099s for past 2 years
  3. Most recent 2 months bank statements (all accounts; all pages).
  4. Signed & dated explanations of any deposits (other than normal income) over $1,000.
  5. Most recent 2 paystubs.
  6. Copy of DL & SSC.
  7. Divorce Decree and Separation Agreement (if applicable).
  8. Purchase contract and copy of "cleared" earnest money check.